Pre move Planner

Pre move Planner
Moving from one place to another can be a cumbersome task, involving lots of planning regarding various issues. The following checklist will help one to move with ease and without too many hassles and worries.

Eight weeks prior to Moving:
It is a must to fill out post office change-of-address cards and mail them to official and personal contacts.
Give a notice to various utility service provider for discontinuation from next month. Clear all the associated bills and collect deposits , if any.
Incase a person is packing on own, he/ she must pack materials and start packing items are not needed until after the entire relocation process is complete.
A person must arrange for special transportation of his/her pets and plants if necessary.
Get over with all the formalities with the insurance company to see how your possessions are covered during transit.
One must check if any moving permits are required.
Collect your important records at one place, that will be required in the place moved to: -- personal and family records, including medical, school records; legal and financial documents; birth certificates, passports etc

Two Weeks Prior to Moving:
A person must contact his/her bank and/or other financial institution for transferring or closing accounts. Clear out safety deposit boxes.
A person must verify travel arrangements for pets and family.
A person must notify any creditors/debtors of his/her move.

One Week Prior to Moving
One must finish the entire packing and suitably label different boxes, carrying different stuff.
Suitcases and valuables should be packed separately for more safety. Make last minute checks with the packing and moving company to see if everything is in order and if every thing is as per the time scheduled.
One must settle all the personal and local businesses bills
Confirm arrival time of your moving van/truck.

One must read and keep the bill of loding and inventory carefully before signing and keep it in a safe place

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